About The Band

Alexander Di Leoplus
Austin Higneyplus
Brian Reinaplus
Tony Testaplus
The South Florida music scene has more to offer than just rap, salsa and Mr. 305. Influenced by surprisingly different styles of rock music, the teenage rock band “Wyld Fly” brings true, energetic Rock n’ Roll to center stage.

Band members and guitarists Alex Di Leo and Austin Higney started the band at age 11 and 12 in 2007. Armed with Mexican made Strats and Line 6 amps, Austin and Alex began the routine of writing original material influenced by rock of the late seventies. Shortly thereafter they assembled a few friends to fill in on bass and drums. They named the band “One on us”.    Austin and Alex’s writing skills were validated after winning their first talent contest at their school. They would soon become accustom to winning talent contests in the years to come.

Tony Testa joined the band as the bassist in 2008, being influenced by the likes of Curtis Mayfield, Tony brought substance to the bands core. Brian Reina joined as the drummer in 2011 replacing original drummer Jeff Holsinger. His talent, rhythm and internal metronome were clearly evident from the first time playing with the band, which was actually at a local talent show. The name of the band was changed to “The Vigilantes”. After sticking with the name for almost a year, the band was forced to change the name as a result of duplicity. The band changed to the name "Wyld Fly" in October of 2012.

The result of the four forces joining is defined as a hard hitting rock band with witty transitions and solid melodic choruses. Years of song writing has allowed them fine tune their sound into a tour de force. Alex Di Leo mesmerizes listeners with soft ballad like vocals and smooth silk like guitar strumming. Then Brian’s thunderous down beat and simultaneous chords remind us that this is a hard rock band after all. Alex can bellow out a chorus reminiscent of James Hatfield while Austin weaves between the lines with sharp riffs and melodic solos. Tony walks through cord progressions much like Paul Mc Cartney would. The band manages to write and agree on songs despite their different music tastes. Alex listens to Alternative rock like U2, Austin to classic rock like Van Halen, Tony to Funk like James Brown, and Brian to Punk rock like Green Day.

In February 2013 the band won the grand prize 1st place wining slot in the Battle of the Bands at Revolution Club in Fort Lauderdale. Twenty seven bands competed for the coveted position over the course of several days. In the end Wyld Fly took the prize by providing a tight high energy show that just could not be topped.
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